Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Only a Play

It's like having coffee every morning.  Every year, everyone who loves Broadway would go to this one show. Where it'd star one of the best Actor in the business, Nathan Lane. It's a Habit.

So this year, it's a Play called "It's Only a Play"

I can't really tell you what the show is all about but that it is exactly what the title have suggested and you'll get the usually and always loving-it Nathan Lane + Matthew Broderick humor.
the set is in the apartment of a producer, the after party for a play's premiere. Trust me, it's funnier that The Producers and they dun even sing and dance.

It is not a new play, as it has been done several times before, just that this time the Broadway Revival have given it a try with some of the biggest name.

Besides them, this will be Rupert Grint (from Harry Potter) Broadway Debut, along side the ever so funny Megan Mullally, the Brilliant Mess of Stockard Channing and F. Murray Abraham. (I always find myself trying to say "Sir F. Murray Abraham" every time I write his name. He just got that Shakespearean Vibe. Probably from all the Shakespeare he's done.)

Need me say more? this's bout as many awards winning actors/actresses you can cramp in one room.

and the show is introducing one of the brightest Newcomer Micah Stock. Micah is virtually unknown but he held his own in the Play and did fantasticly  (nope this is not a typo, I'm just creating words cos "fantastically" just doesn't make sense to me. yeah, I'm one of those people. Hey it's bout Broadway, I can create what I want. Ever heard Abso-Blomming-lutely in Spring?). Anyway, returning to Micah, you'll find him, both humorous in his comedic timing as well as startle-ly method.

Anyhow, it is Only a Play after all.

The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Nighttime

The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Nighttime, is the first Broadway Poster I saw when I reach New York.
I was curious, about a show that's still in tech rehearsal at the time at the then closed-for-rehearsal Ethel Barrymore Theater.
so for 2 months I'd walk pass this giant blue poster of the show every time I go to other shows in the area and wonder what it'd be.
 Of course for most teenager who aren't stuck with Harry Potter for the past decade at some point would have come across this small unassuming book in your bookstore at some point.
And at this point the London Play of the show is pretty well known.
the story is about Christopher, who may or may not have Asperger Syndrome, but he is a genius in Math and at some scale of Autism. One day a Dog die in the neighborhood and he decided to investigate it. and in that he discover a bigger secret and with it brings the drama back to his own home.
the Play is set as such that it's a narration from a story Christopher writes by her teacher and acted out by several player/bystander.
What's amazing about the show is, in order to bring the audience into the mind of Christopher and yet still act out the several complex scene the producer have taken the minimalist Tech Approach to create the scene. you'd see a few of the props all over the stage yet there's no huge set pieces. what you have is 3 gigantic led Screen and projection to the floor that will transform into the world of Christopher Mind. This is how you are pull into this world of how Christopher mind sees the world...
Simple, Focus, often crowded with noise, and ever confuse and changing.
I must say the set design is Brilliant. there's so many moving pieces that it's simple amazing, it's how-many-rabbit-you-can-pull-out-of-the-hat kinda amazing.
This is not your everyday just dialog kinda play, it is like a ballet or dance without all the dancing kinda Play.
So, there is Choreography and you'd be in awe and invigorating to watch the whole act come to live with the moving set.

Here's a link for a snippet of the current Broadway Production, starring Alex Sharp, which in my opinion. one of the most brilliant Actor on Broadway right now.

You+Me the new and inspiring duo.

In my opinion, P!nk is the Renaissance Artist of our era. from the first R&B Rock Chick album to the latest Country-esque soul healing of You+Me. and even to the high hanging acrobat performances in shows. She is the ultimate example that you can break free of stereotype and reinvent yourself every single time.
This said, here is the new video from the new Duo in town, You+Me featuring P!nk and Dallas Green.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Today's mark the real start of the NYC Ballet Company.

Serenade and Pas De Duex then there's Suite 3

it's the most fun I have ever watched in Ballet.
because when it's executed perfectly, and the male form are strong and graceful, it allows the ballerina to just glide every time there's a life involved.

Tschaikovsky is always majestic, yet brings a little of sadness in the end.
and Ballet is not just a form of dancing. it's an art form in movement that can translate any style of dances into Ballet,
Salsa, Waltz, Samba... u name it. it can be translated into Ballet.

here's a sneak peak of what I've enjoy tonight

NYC Ballet Fall Gala

Let’s start with the present now.
These couple of days is Ballet night.

The NYC Ballet Company just open their fall season yesterday with a fabulous Fall Gala.

The Fall Gala besides opening the season it’s also an Event where the Company work together with some of the great Fashion Designer to design the costume and make the dance an art piece.

There’s Red Carpet in front of the Lincoln Center a couple of hours before the show begin. Then a pre-show cocktail on the 2nd ring lobby.
Then the show start with a introduction documentary about the costume, Carolina Herrera design the costume for the first piece Morgen.

But with a big piece of Ballet like Morgen, it tends to make people compare with all the principle dancers. Because it’s a couple piece with 3 couples dancing in the same dance.

So there’s a clear significant for the premier principle and non-premier.

But the set and the dance is still magnificent.

After the first piece, the orchestra rest and the gorgeous Carolina Herrera take her bow. The costume is exquisite.

After the intermission, there’s a following of 4 short pieces of Ballet.
 The Bitter World, by Dinah Washington accompanied the piece. With just 2 dancers in gray and skin colored costume. It is beautifully choreograph, because there’s nothing that take away from the dance, not even an orchestra or singer. Therefore, every spin, turn, twist and plié and brisé is view in it’s entirety and in plain sight.

A great start for the 2nd section, then the 2nd dance is Clearing Dawn, a 6 dancers piece with the most elaborate costume effects ever, the dancers are dressed in gray navy suits and skirt. The extremely large coat that covers the shirt at the beginning of the dance is pull up to the ceiling to reveal the costume underneath. Clearing Dawn is a little bit about childishness and bullying and fights and love. The giant Ego shadow of the giant costume we put on the outside and the gray smaller discipline uniform within the conformity to rules.

3rd piece is Funérailles, it’s about the funeral and the love of our lives would be like. The costume piece is this exquisite embroidered piece for the dying female character and the love dance around her, lamenting her.

And the closing piece would be Balles-Lettres. The most suitable piece to close the event. Of course the costume is all these letters sewn onto Ballet stretching tights.
Since it’s a skintight costume with no frills, the dance simply fly at ease.
The choreography is the largest in Scale with 7 dancers, taking in the whole stage.
Every subtle changes in movement is exaggerated with some beautifully executed Ballet techniques. And pointed out with formation by the dancers.

So after the dances closed, we congratulate everyone and start to stuff our mouth and hungry stomach at the real Gala.
Of course some of the costume that were worn there u’d wonder how are these people going to sit down. So naturally some actually just stand and eat a little and then walk out for cigarettes or just simply chat away and leave half way through like we did to avoid breaking Eric’s Sober Streak.

Enough said. Tonight will be the real start of the season with Tchaikovsky and Balanchine opening night, which we got!!!!

So I’m off now to get ready!

New York City, Broadway, Museum, Art and Liberty!

Since I'm in New York I can't escape from all the Art Stuff here.

this will be a joint post with the Brother site Junk-Y-Art.

for the months to come there will be plenty of Broadway and happenings and shows. some may have been out dated but I'll still post them just for the fun of it.

so here's the line up.... not exactly in that order. So I hope you'll enjoy.

Kinky Boots
King Lear
Les Miserable
Phantom of the Opera
This is our youth
The Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
It's only a Play
The Curious Case of a Dog in Nighttime

Cirque Du Soleil - Varekai
Tim Realbuto - Wunderkind
Jay Brannan
Von Smith
Broadway Spotted at 54 Below

US Open
Rio World Cup
4th July Fireworks

Alice in Wonderland
Fall Gala

People's Climate March
New York Fashion Week
Get on up Premiere at Harlem Apollo Theater
Met Museum
The Cloisters
Guggenheim Museum
Coney Island
911 Memorial Museum
Liberty Island
Ellis Island
Grand Central Station
Penn Station
Central Park
Little Italy
Bronx Zoo
Astoria Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
The Highline
Columbia University
Chelsea Market
Hudson River Park
South Port
Bryant Park - New York Library
Time Square - Broadway
Governor's Island AIDS Quilt
United Nation
Riverside Park
Wall Street
St Peter’s Church
St Patrick’s Catedral
Church of Notre Dame
Trinity Church

Relaunching EVOL

The relaunching of the Blog will start with this joint statement in all sister/brother site.

I’ve moved to New York since 3 months ago, which is a plan that Drew and I have spawn since we started the blog.

I love art and music and movies. And I’m a pretty good organizer.
So Drew is the more charismatic one and I’m the Geek.

Our blog started out good with the idea that we are going to promote underground and unsigned musician.

Then we try to expand to movies review and art….. not so popular.

Anyhow, we still maintain the 1 year 30 thousands page view record then with all our popular interviews.

Now fast forward to 2014, Drew is no more here. Part of the reason I’m here in New York is for my passion and Drew’s parents, whom live in New York and me bringing back his stuff to them.

So it took me around 3 years to get myself out of our debts created by Drew’s medical bills and another 3 years for me to save enough to reach here.

As for how…. I’ll not get into that. And I’ll never comment on it again. As I’ve found out a couple of months ago that it could backfire when you said something heavy like life and death.

This is about Love, Life and Happiness. So I’ll stick to that.

Relaunching the site won’t be easy. And I have not booked anyone or anybody yet.
But I’ll share with you guys the life experience that I have had for the past 3 years before I reach here and 3 months in the big city and all the great people that I’ve met and hopefully will bring a little light to your life.

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it's the Holiday STylized movie week, The Muppets VS Cheering New Year's Eve NYC Crystal


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The American President and A Lost Valentine


Arthur Claus VS the Lady of Dagenham


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Twi-hard suck the blood out of the Cutie Cat


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the Immortals battle, Tin Tin goes on a worldwide investigation, The Darkness brings Forth small demons and robbing a Tower!!!!