Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fury, the grinding reality of war

The only award worthy war movie before we head into the cold winter is Fury. there will be more to come. Nothing special, there can't be something bigger than Schindler list n saving private Ryan in war movie anymore. Therefore this is about the heroic n the coward n the sacrifice of people in this tiny, disadvantaged tank called Fury. They fought bravely n valiantly. Yet behind those heroism are the grit n gruesome truth as any war. Bloody, ugly, muddy, psychotic, mind bending n everlasting trauma that comes with it. There is no celebration. The only reward is survival, n u should b glad that u have. It's all in the end by luck that anyone

have the chance to live tru the war n bear the burden of upholding the legacy of such tragic human being that in the end... Save your life. N the future of our generation.

Book of Life - finally a real mexican animation

Mexican art have never been presented in a more bright n vibrant color than those in Book of Life

Nor have the day of the death been more celebratory. Who said that death must b some crazy, sad mess. As many in the world celebrate their deaths n ancestor in the most spectacular festivity ever together with visit to the grave, huge parade n some of the largest giant bonfire. Together the booming of fire crackers. That's it. On the day of the death we the world celebrate the life that have been n the world that we are going to end up with n the beautiful possibility of meeting all our loved ones in their full on chaos n glory in the after life. So, what are there to be afraid of? Not death.

The Best of Me.... Love is in the air for this fall

The quintessential love story of fall of course have to come from Nicholas Sparks. Well, this time the lead have gone to James Marsden. N today still handsome n dapper, a little bit mature, a little gray at the top. Luke Bracey from Australia play the younger lead.

But still love knows no age. They r as universal as ever. The old country American type of love story, prodigal son, return to the rustic America, meeting his old love n still rebel over his drug trafficking father n brothers. Trying to protect the good n the old n makes amends to old mistake, making new discovery in love n risk losing it all.

Love Letters ia a gem in the mud

Love letters is never set to be the big Broadway show that'd attract the largest crowd. Let's face it. 2 of the biggest stars sitting on stage basically table reading the story without dance nor music?
But it is just that that makes the whole thing worth watching. There's often too many distraction on big shows. This small intimate indulgence is just the right stuff to calm all those down n let u really enjoy that little thing call reading a play.
N u can't come any better than Carol Burnett signature humor n Brian Dennehy calm discontents. ( well mayb some Martin Sheen and Anjelica Huston after the new year could rival them) Talk about being moved, or pull on ur laughing stroke with just one line. U know Carol n u know u r in for some jaw stretching.  N if u think for one moment that they'd b the only stars there, u'd b wrong. They would draw the most famous crowd to Broadway  ever, Larry David, old Hollywood n Broadway all came out in doves on this chilly afternoon only weekend show. Yeah just to hear 2 folks do a table read.

On the Town, the best revival of the saeson.

Watching one of the best revival of the season is uplifting n mesmerizing. On The Town is about as 21st century Broadway Musical theater As it gets. While the songs, costume, backdrop are still very 50's, even there's little changes to the book. But it's very modern how the story is presented. First the show begin with the huge rendition of Star Spangled Banner by the whole audiences as the orchestra because the open curtain is the flag. Magically enhancement with a talented baritone seated behind me.
Then the show start with the old ship yard backdrop, turning to some abstract subway ride. Then came the cab ride with the most elaborate animated background on Giant LED. Afterwards ballet choreographed specially for the revival. Not for forget the big New York New York number in its full  Broadway glory. Every piece n puzzle of the show is moving well, fitting well, n complete representation of the old n the new. On The Town is always the quintessential New York Broadway show. N now it's brush with a modern rainbow of sophistication.
quite surprisingly there's no a cough or sneezes in the crowd this time.
and to try to bring the audience into the scene, there's a lot of situation that the ensemble would come into the audience n i mean really come into them including the rear mezzanine.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gone Girl ----- Gone

Gone Girl is reveal something I hate about the Media. both in the story and the Media Promoting about the movie today.
All people are talking about is Ben's Frontal Nude. and Neil Patrick Harris too.
I mean it's a movie about murder and mystery and all ppl know is that there's a penis shot.

In the movie, The wife have got murdered or missing. so the crime solving begin.
in the book, Ben's Character, the husband is much more despicable than how Ben portrayal of it. Probably no matter how Ban Affleck acts he can't be viewed in a bad light for too much.

So the missing mystery is reveal bout half way through the story and the rest of it is just set up against set up.  and the media just eat it up and blame the presume prime suspect the husband is the killer. where Neil Patrick Harris psychotic character comes in? U'll have to watch the movie for the plot.

but because the after-revealed part is like 2 hours long of a drag. people tends to dun like the movie because of that.

so if u like a good movie made dark on purpose... this is it

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Maze Runner - Mystery yet futuristic

Actually the only really most anticipated movie of the Fall for me is the last Summer Blockbuster before the cold air blown into land. that's The Maze Runner.
A very futuristic, puzzling movies just like a maze. that capture ur attention from the first moment u lay eyes one it.
 like the title says, it's a Sci-fi with a little twist.
 at the age of the Armageddon, Kids are wiped of memories and placed into a maze to test them out.
just like mice. to learn to get out of the maze. the theory behind is I guess whether they can survive the real world.

It's in the premises of King Kong, Blade Runner and Tron. a mystery that's futuristic yet relatable.

And it will be another movie that brings about some of the most brilliant new actor into the light.

Annabelle and fitting Halloween movie, but not too scary!

As it is Halloween soon, of course I've watched Annabelle. just to get into the mood.
I've never really had any Expectation for the movie. not like Insidious or The Conjuring.
1 while it's pretty real, the weak spot is that there's no surprise factor. It's lost it when it's told in the Conjuring. and the story remains in beginning where it effects the young 2 person family.
so the scope of it is not that wide either.
that's been said. it's far more interesting when u watch the movie full house with skirmish people.
Just like the time when people first watch Jurrassic Park with a full house of Scared kids.
that's much more fun that just watching a not-so-scary movie alone.

2 Different Fall Blockbusters, Dracula Untold and The Judge

I've decided to watch 2 movies at the same time yesterday.
Both New Premieres, Dracula Untold and The Judge.
Both very Different yet both hugely Entertaining.
Dracula is a Summer Blockbuster that's always been schedule for an early Halloween Release. While it's more Effects and Action than Scary. But with most summer Blockbuster closing, there's very little competition for Dracula Untold. because the "Holiday" Season and Awards Lobbying Season are coming.... Dracula Appears to be a pretty welcome to this Fall first Full-on Blockbuster Action Movie. Luke Evans are always a gem to look at in Theater.

The Judge on the other hand is completely non-action-filled. totally Drama.
and what's much better to watch 2 Brilliant Actors Sparring on screen?
I've always been a fan of Robert Duvall. who can beat that?
and Robert Downey Jr. can hold his own. with his usual Charm.
But the most amazing of it all is when I see RDJ Acting as the Prodigal Son, it's hard not to feel the real life turmoil that RDJ have gone through... Drug...Sex.... Jail.... All that. and now successful and return to the Big League acting with a First Grade Actor. It felt really authentic when U feel that Robert Duvall will have known RDJ for years since RDJ youth days and now one Grown to be a Good Man to act in the same movie. it's marvelous.
And looking at the relationship in the movie. I can't stop myself from reflecting on my own life. and my relationship with my dad.
It's a long time coming. all the Demons, the forgiveness, the expectation, the argument, and the unsaid and unspoken. In the end we all have to learn to resolve them and make a closure in our own way.

3 Action, the same but different, Expendables, Tombstone and Equalizer!

I wonder why all of the movies are the same lately....
First there's the Expendable, the Walking among Tombstone and then there's the Equalizer
All Actors into their 50's beating the shit out of poor useless crooks.
I wasn't really into the Expendable because U know all the star power. brings the same thing.
However, A walk Among the Tombstone is a bit interesting.
just a bit more, An Ex Police, helping crooks to get his daughter back.

that's the simple plot.

Then the most interesting part is Equalizer, Seeing Denzel fighting like a pro-killer is quite a gem.
while the plot are pretty simple. Pro-Killer hiding in plain sight, got angry and kill all the crooks that beat his friend. the action keep reminding me of Safe House. only the fight Choreography is better in this one.

Friday, October 10, 2014


I am familiar with Pippin.
roughly, I know it's a show that involve a lot of circus act.
but not Quite Cirque du Soliel.
it is after all a Broadway Musical first, so the book more important.

Yet if you think about it. after Spider-man, there isn't many show that really do stunt.
Mind you it is a live show so every single stunt is done over and over again for 8 times a week.

It is a coming of age story of a prince named Pippin. Told in a circus Act.

The set is great, the choreography and the synchronization of all the sets and scene are amazing and tech is difficult.

and I have the privilege to watch the last show of most of the player before they goes on the national tour and of course the first show that Priscilla Lopez as Berthe.

What interesting about such show is that when you watch the show and people react to it.
Pippin is a peculiar and strange show to watch. because the Narration and the Choreography are far away from any conventional Broadway musical. some are surprise, some are expecting it to be some Cirque Du Soleil show. and in the show I watched I got this couple of Chinese who have no idea what they are in for. They dun really understand the world and all the flying and cage simply through them off completely. but they'll survive. just will still be scratching their head for days after that.

If u want something with a little bit of flair and excitement. this is a good surprise for anyone that watches musical.

Kinky Boots

To me, Kinky Boots is always a movie first.
I fell in love with the movie well before I saw it as Musical or on Broadway.
And it is now the first show I watched on Broadway.
 And Chiwetel Ejiofor is my Lola.
But seriously with Cyndi Lauper creating the score. who could be better.
of course it's a Broadway show that goes on to winning both score and best musical and to be fair I am bias when I saw Harvey Fierstein when I was buying my ticket.
well, needless to say, it is a great show.
whatever u want in a musical u got it. Music, Drama, Comedy, great sets and some fiery Drag Queens.

It's a story of a young man inheriting the shoe factory that's dying from his dead father and on the chance meeting a drag queen and decided to change it into a factory that makes boots for Drag Queen, hence Kinky Boots.

Maroon ain't Red. Red means Sexy.

so there u have it the best musical of 2013.